Not just another intake system!

Our DDP Gen2 CTS-V velocity intake has been proven to be the highest performing intake on the market!

Massive 6″ Green Filter

Green Filter USA made filters deliver high performance air flow and unmatched filtering cabability!  Deep pleats in the double-layered cotton create a 10-15% increase in filtration surface. This increase allows a greater volume of air to move more freely into your engine cylinders while maintaining superior filtration.

Smooth Transition to the MAF

Starting off with a massive 6-inch Greenfilter USA Made filter, smoothly transitioning to 4.5 inches at the MAF.  This makes for incredibly smooth drivability.

Port Matched to a 102mm Throttlebody

This unique design allows for the smoothest transition into the throttle body on the market. Maintains smooth drivability while maximizing horsepower!

Powdercoated Metal Heat Enclosure

Helps block engine bay heat from filter, lowering IAT’s

Mounting pegs for use with factory engine bay plastics

Front Air Deflector Included


The front air deflector installs behind the upper bumper grill and forces air directly to the massive 6″ Green Filter behind the driver side headlight.  Combined with the metal airbox heat enclosure, this helps keep IAT’s lower and gives your blower all the air it needs for maximum horsepower.

DDP Dealers

DDP Dealer Hartline Performance
DDP Dealer Dedicated Motorsports
DDP Dealer Cordes Performance Racing

All of our authorized dealers have completed extensive in house testing of the DDP velocity stack intake against other leading air intake systems for the Gen2 CTS-V and all have concluded that the DDP intake system is by far the highest performing system and provides the most air flow and most HP increases across the board.

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